Tire Town Rockville Center, Long Island



First class service and super knowledgeable. I will be def bringing my care back there for all it's tire needs!

John Reece

Knowledgable management and good service. The place to go when you need anything.

Pantera Bill

This is a great place to service your car. The staff here is knowledable and they work hard and fast to provide great service.

Love these guys. One stop shopping for me. They fixed my flat, rotated my tires, wheel alignment, oil change and inspection in one visit. Great service with a smile.

I Went in to get a flat tire fixed and was taken immediately. The guy took the tire inside to look at it, came out in less than 5 minutes to let me know the ball on the tire was bad. I let the men know at the front desk and they told me it would be no charge. That's the type of honest service that is hard to find!

Had my flat fixed here and yes it cost 25.00 but there's a reason for that. The people that complained about this really should educate themselves on what being done to their cars and what their paying for. First they took care of me asap , they also patched the tire which is the correct fix, not just plugging while still on my vehicle and sending me down the road not knowing if its still has a leak. The patching of a tire requires tire to be taking off the rim patch and put back on then balanced, and made sure I wasn't leaking when done. Not unreasonable !